Laser Periodontics in Midtown Manhattan

Targeted Laser Treatments for Accelerated Periodontal Care

Laser dentistry has evolved in recent years making it easier than ever for periodontists like Dr. Philip Pack to treat a variety of gum conditions. Dental lasers allow us to perform a number of procedures without damaging the surrounding tissue which means you get to enjoy a faster healing time.

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slide-2Dr. Pack uses a conservative approach whenever possible so offering minimally invasive procedures is in alignment with our mission. Dental lasers like the BIOLASE WaterLase® iPlus™ enhance the periodontal procedure and help us achieve lasting results with minimal trauma to the tissue. We normally perform the procedure under local anesthesia to make you feel more comfortable throughout treatment.

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slide-4We use the BIOLASE WaterLase® iPlus™ dental laser at our practice, one of the cutting edge technologies in laser dentistry. This laser system allows us to perform a variety of procedures in house and delivers predictable results. Dr. Pack has completed advanced training with the BIOLASE laser and uses it to perform several periodontal procedures.

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new_york-presbyterian_150x150aap-logo-white-150x154You need to work with an experienced periodontist with a strong track record of success. Our patients enjoy working with Dr. Pack because he gets to know his patients and is very focused on providing quality care. Dr. Pack is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology and an Assistant Attending Periodontist in the Department of Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital. You can turn to him for everything from laser gum surgery to crown lengthening using the dental laser.

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Our laser periodontal treatment options include:

  • Periodontal Surgery
  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Frenectomy
  • Soft Tissue Biopsy

Laser Periodontics - Before Treatment - Laser Periodontics - After Treatment -

Laser Periodontics - Before Treatment - Laser Periodontics - After Treatment -

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